Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bottle cap Ornaments..

This Year I am putting a tree in my front lawn, I kept my tree from last year (yes, stop laughing!)  and I spray painted it white,  it got me thinking into making a theme.. I will decorate it with trash! yes.. I am taking regular things that end up in the trash and turning them into Christmas beauties!

This is the firs one..

I love diet coke, I also collect the rewards on the bottle caps so after I take time to put the rewards up I wold be left with a bunch of bottle caps, I just knew I cold do something with them other than throwing them away..  and  I  came up with a perfect Idea! Christmas ornaments..

It's simple take 2 bottle caps and with a hot glue stick them together and add a piece of ribbon on top.
brush them with glue and add some glitter and voila!

Get creative! you can add feathers or beads or fabric!  It doesn't have to go into the landfill or use energy to be recycled it could turn into family fun!

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