Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enfrijoladas a mexican comfort food.

Enfrijoladas were always a staple at my mom's house, they're fast easy and cheap!
Well depends..
I like making my pinto beans from scratch but you can make any variation you'd like.
heck you could even use canned beans!
The original recipe calls for Manchego cheese and Mexican cream  but I use what I have so
I used jack cheese and sour cream.
I am not a measuring kind of person so I'll do a "guesstimate"
3-10  "arbol chiles" you can find these peppers in the spice section or the Mexican section of your grocery store..
I use 10 but I like things spicy, so of course for a milder spice add only 2 or 3.
2 cups of Cooked pinto beans
2 cups of bean broth or water
cheese  I prefer Jack cheese, pepperjack or mozzarella
sour cream
iceberg lettuce chopped

and of course tortillas....

Now let me tell you a little bit about tortillas.  Those packaged ones like Mission or guerrero tortillas are "no bueno"
If you have a Mexican store or know where to get the good kind, do so.. Tortillas should not have preservatives and they
should be yellow! Now if you don't have something like that and you must use the packaged kind fine.. just don't get mission!
They fall apart too easily for this dish.

Take a griddle or skillet and roast the peppers
add peppers, beans, bean broth an puree in blender it should be a batter consistency
if it's too watery don't worry it will thicken again when you put the sauce back in the skillet

in a skillet add some oil and fry as many tortillas (on both sides) as you want this is to make them pliable.
you should have a nice stack of fried tortillas.

In the same skillet get rid of any excess oil and pour your bean sauce and heat

Here comes to fun part, traditionally you would take a tortilla and let it dip on one side then flip it to dip the other side
You fold it in half then fold the half in half..  you get little triangles.
add cheese on top sour cream and lettuce and you're done!

However my husband likes them like this you dip tortilla on both sides, add cheese, close tortilla in half serve them
add more cheese on top and your toppings.

 I have also seen people roll them up like enchiladas and stuff them with chicken or cheese and then backed in the oven.
the beauty of this dish is you can make it your own!
work with what you have!
I'm on Weight watchers so a more low/fat calorie way would be to "fake fry": the tortillas
using a lot of cooking spray then using mozzarella cheese instead of jack.
The sky is the limit!
Enjoy! <3
post by Tanya E.

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