Monday, January 3, 2011

Grandma's Egg Noodles

egg noodles all dried and cut out

Growing up my grandma made a special dish on holidays.  It involved her homemade egg noodles and some cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup.  The result was a yummy heavenly comfort food that I will have to share the recipe of some day.  As she got older she started using store bought frozen egg noodles so I almost forgot about the homemade until a few years ago when I asked my mom for the Holiday Noodle recipe.  She gave me the recipe for the actual noodles as well as the dish.

Fast forward to today, I had no clue what to make for dinner but remembered I had some left over Christmas turkey breast in the freezer that I have been wanting to make into soup but kept forgetting to the buy noodles for it.  I was thinking about heading to the store when I remembered this recipe.  I had to dig in my recipes to find it as it was near the bottom.

I had only attempted to make these once before and at the time they seemed so hard and time consuming, because I never cooked back then.  Now they are so simple and easy to make, this could be bad news for my already expanding waistline.  I might have to pretend like they are hard to make.

What You Will Need:
4 eggs
3 cups flour  + extra for kneading and rolling out
a pinch of salt (I used 1/2 teasp)
1/8 cup milk

My grandma never measured things when she cooked so all measurements are approximates that she gave my mom as a starting off point.  She would often add more eggs/flour if she wanted to make more noodles or less if she needed less.

Step 1: Mix the dough-
Now my grandma was "old school" and I can remember watching her all amazed as she mixed everything straight on the counter, no bowl needed.  She would just dump some flour out on the counter, make a well in the center to add all the other ingredients and just mix with her hands.  I hope 1 day I will be that skilled at this but for now I used a bowl.
I combined the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl.
Beat the eggs and milk together in a smaller bowl
Made a well in the center of the flour and poured the egg/milk mixture in and stirred with a fork

Step 2: Roll out and dry-

Once dough is well combined and sticky dump out onto nicely floured surface.  Use lots of flour as dough is sticky.  Knead until dough is smooth and elastic, no longer sticky.  I think I had to use at least another 1/2 cup of flout to achieve this, just keep adding a little at a time.
Once dough is no longer sticky roll out into a large rectangle(ish)  1/8-1/4" thick. 
Once dough is nicely rolled out all to sit on counter and air dry 60 minutes.
Flip dough, lightly flour the top and air dry another 60 minutes.
Keep doing this until you need to cook them.  You need to air dry a minimum of 2 hrs (1 flip).  I flipped mine at least 3 times, lightly flour the top every time you flip, just a small fine dusting will do.

Step 3: Cut out noodles and cook-
Once dough has dried at least 2 hrs cut into 3 equal pieces length wise (horizontal cuts).  Roll up each piece lengthwise (from top to bottom) so you have a long tube of dough.
Cut into 1/4-1/2" strips.
Repeat with remaining 2 sections of dough.
Toss noodles with your hands to loosen and open them up.
Boil in rapidly boiling water (or chicken stock) for 3-5 minutes or until al dente.
I don't worry about trying to make them all uniform or small, my grandma always made big thick noodles so thats the way I like them.

These noodles are so yummy I could happily eat them just as is, or tossed with some olive oil and cheese, YUM!

all cooked and ready to be used


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