Saturday, November 6, 2010

3 Moms "Turkey Day Tips " Contest

We are so excited to announce our very first contest and we hope you all will participate!!

We would like to compile a list of tips, tricks and great ideas for The Big Day and we would hope you all will provide us with yours.  Anything you do to make the day run more smoothly, help it be (somewhat) stress free, keep the kiddies entertained, tricks for great side dishes, how to make the perfect turkey.  Anything and everything you can think of, and are willing to share, to help others out.  If someone had never been to or thrown a Thanksgiving Day meal what tips or advice would you give them?

Leave your tips here in the form of a comment on this blog, not on the Facebook page.  Leave your first name, last initial if you like and your state (city is optional).  For example if I was leaving a tip I would leave a comment similar to this:
My tip is to bring snacks for the kids so they do not melt down waiting for the meal to be ready
-Christy R. 
The Sticks, MO

We are going to take the best and most helpful tips and compile them together into a "How to Survive Turkey Day" Blog.
In the case of the same tips given multiple times we will use the first persons for the purpose of the blog but yours will still earn you an entry in the contest.

The contest is open as of today, November 6 and will run until midnight November 13, 2010.  Post your tips between now and then to earn 1 entry into our contest.

Want to get multiple entries into the contest, here are some more things you can do:

1. Post on Facebook about our contest and suggest that all of your friends "like" us on Facebook.  Report back here that you have done so.  This will earn 1 extra entry for you.

2. When you suggest all of your friends "like" us on FB tell them to post on our  Facebook Page that you sent them.  This will earn you up to 5 extra entries (1 per each friend up to 5 friends)- let your friends know once they "like" us they are free to enter the contest as well.

3. Post a blog about our contest on your personal blog, link our blog to your blog then come back here and post a comment with your blog URL that you have done so.  This will earn you 1 extra entry.

*Do all of the above and you will get 8 entries total to the contest.

So, I am sure you are all thinking to yourself "yeah yeah that's great but what do I win?".  The prize is a 1 yr subscription to whichever of the following magazines you would like:
Country Living
Good Housekeeping
Martha Stewart Everyday Food

1 winner will be chosen at random.  The winner will be announced IN the "How to Survive Turkey Day" blog post so be on the lookout for that.  The blog will be posted sometime on November 13 or 14.  Once the winner has been announced they will have 24 hrs to contact us, instructions for contacting us will be in the blog as well.  If for some reason the winner does not contact us after 24 hrs we will pick a second winner.

We look forward to hearing all of your helpful tips and tricks for the Big Day.

Christy, Jessica and Tanya


  1. Ok, so I did #1....going on to #2. So much fun!!!!

  2. When I have Thanksgiving at my house, I have a separate table for the kids. I cover the table with butcher paper and put out crayons, stickers, markers,etc.

    When the kids arrive, they go straight to their tables and start decorating. Keeps the kids busy so the mommas can finish up dinner.

    Jessica S.
    Independence, MO

  3. Clean out the refrigerator the weekend before, getting shelf space ready, and make sure to have storage containers on hand. This helps with the do-ahead preparation as well as'clearing' afterwards. SuzyQCPA, Hayden

  4. My tips for Thanksgiving are to buy a cooked Turkey from your grocery store so that you have the ability to cook the side dishes in your oven. Even then you can only fit so much in your oven so I assign a few of the sides to some of my relatives.

  5. Make & prep as much as possible the night before. Like bake pies, cut up veggies, peel potatoes, set the table.

    Kimberly S

  6. I have always loved cooking on Thanksgiving. Now with three kids its more challenging to keep them busy so I can finish everything. Now every year I cover the kids table with a plain paper table cloth and lots of holiday foam stickers. They make designs for they're place setting and when they're finished I pull out their very own cooking project ( I buy a bunch of the pilsbury biscuts) and pull out the cookie cutters. The kids love making them into shapes and they don't take long to bake so we always have kid inspired biscuts with our dinner and they're really cheap so you can get a ton for under 5 dollars.

  7. I shared your blog and your contest on my Facebook page :)

    Jessica S
    Independence, MO


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