Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tye Dye Cupcakes.

Cupcakes.  They seem to be a pretty popular thing in the moment.  There seems to be a new cupcake themed TLC or Food Network show each month.  People are putting all sorts of delicious things in cupcakes now, even replacing big cakes at wedding and parties for cupcakes.  I am definitely a fan, and my 4 year old is too, though he still has the palate of a 4 year old, so instead of the funky flavors, we went for the funky colors.  Super simple, the worst part was all the bowls and the dishwasher handled them.

Tye Dye Cupcakes are perfect for getting in the kitchen with your favorite little ones. Whether that is your kid or grandkid or neice/nephew or even the little girl you babysit!

There really isn't a recipe fot this, more like directions.

Here is the line up of ingredients you need.. not including whatever your particular cake mix calls for, probably the usual suspects, water, eggs, and vegetable oil.
Mix up your cake mix as directed and add a little pudding to thicken it up.  I didn't measure it, just think thicker then it is, but not cookie thick, more like muffin thick. The pudding is key...it helps thicken the cake batter so it isn't super runny.  Your little helper can help by mixing.

Split up your cake batter into smaller bowls.  The number of bowls depends on how many colors you plan on using in your cupcakes.  I think 4 is good to start.  Mardi Gras "go cups" are perfect for this!!  What?.. You don't have Mardi Gras "go cups"? Well seems to me like you need to get your behind to New Orleans and experience a parade!  Or you could just use bowls, or regular cups, heck, go crazy and use tupperware........its up to you :o)

Add the food coloring until you are happy with the color.  It darkens a bit after cooked.

Now spoon small scoops of different color batters into the lined cupcake pan. We just went for it, no real pattern or anything.

Bake as directed on the cake mix box. And when they are finished you have these!

A dollop of frosting and some sprinkles, or in my house they are known as "jimmies" and put it on a cool character plate and you might be as delighted as my 4 year old was!


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