Friday, November 12, 2010

Mashed Potato Tacos.

Looking for something to do with the leftover mashed potatoes from thanksgiving? Want easy, budget friendly food you can whip up for family and friends without slaving over the kitchen? then this is for you!

Every time I have friends or family over I make this dish, it's simple (I am the queen of simplicity when it comes to the kitchen) it's a definite crowd pleaser, and you can make it ahead and not slave over the kitchen which means more time to enjoy with your guests. I dare you to try these! ;)

all you need are mashed potatoes (any way you make them) if you are using leftover mashed potatoes and don't have enough double the size of the batch by incorporating steamed cauliflower, I do it anyway as it is a waist friendly and easy way to hide veggies in this meal :)

You need tortillas, oil, and toppings such as chopped lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, salsa.. whatever you would add to a regular beef taco.

get your mashed potatoes (these look a different color because I add seasoned salt to them but you can do whatever you want, that easy!)

heat some tortillas (microwave, griddle etc however you like just to make them pliable) and add a spoonful to them fold them and set aside.

make a stack of them as many as you need, or don't need ..the beauty of this is you can refrigerate and make the next day, you can set aside until your guests arrive , you can even freeze them!

As you chop your toppings you can start frying!  love using my cast Iron skillet for this...

As your guests  or dinner time arrives you can lay all the toppings on the table and bring these babies out! your job is done! everyone can build their own tacos!  fun fun fun!!

How easy was that??
Enjoy with some Mexican salsa

post by Tanya E.

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