Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheesy scalloped potatoes.

My dad used to cook a  lot when I was growing up, if he didn't know how to make something he would make up the recipe in his head with his own ingredients and make it his own, this is his version of scalloped potatoes.

I once took it to a family Easter dinner last year it was such a hit that they beg me to bring it every single time, Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays etc.. it's my signature side. The Secret? Cotija cheese!  now this is not the time to get picky or scared about trying new things, cotija is delicious. When you open it it's kinda stinky not a lot though and not gross stinky just different, however don't judge it just yet.. the flavor is actually that of a salty Parmesan or a feta, you could replace with either of those if your store does not carry cotija but trust me, you will miss out.


10 potatoes
sour cream
1/2 cotija cheese (you can use the other half for my upcoming lasagna post)
shredded jack cheese

Boil about 10 medium potatoes, you want to boil the potatoes with skin and everything, if you don't it'll be very difficult to slice them, also you want to poke them ever so often with a fork  to make sure they are soft enough to poke yet still a bit hard.

slice them into circles once they cool. The skin will come off and if it doesn't completely then leave it in! the skin actually works with the dish.

butter a pan, it could be a glass pan, a loaf pan, my favorite to use is a cake pan, especially a spring form cake pan because you can take the sides off and it looks like a beautiful potato pie, commence your assembly, do one layer of potatoes...

add sour cream, salt and pepper to taste, the shredded jack cheese as well as shredded cotija cheese.
keep layering, potato slices, sour cream, salt and pepper, jack cheese and cotija cheese, and again.. I did 3 layers I could have fit another layer but I ran out of potatoes. :)
bake in oven at 375 degrees for 30 minutes then move to broiler for 2-3 minutes (watch your broiler so it wont burn) you just want the top cheese to brown a bit creating a bit of a crunchy top layer.

 you can make this ahead before you warm rolls in the oven etc.. it needs to cool a bit so the slices wont fall apart.

enjoy! <3
post by Tanya E.

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  1. These look SO delicious! I've never heard of that cheese but it sounds so good!


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