Sunday, November 7, 2010

Smore Brownies

Who doesn't love smores?  The gooey marshmallows, melty chocolate and crispy graham crackers all mashed together into sticky ooey-gooey yumminess.  Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
The only thing that could make a smore better, add some brownie to it, YUM!

There are actually 3 different techniques to making this, I will list all 3.  The photo shows technique #2

What you will need:
1 box of a Family size (9x13 pan) Brownie Mix, any variety you like is fine
The ingredients listed on the Brownie Mix box-usually eggs, oil and water
3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 cup (or 1 bag, depending upon technique) mini marshmallows
3-8 graham crackers (depending upon technique)

Step 1: Prep the Brownie Batter-
Mix brownies according to package directions.  I have yet to find a "from scratch" brownie recipe that I really like (I have tried a few) so I still use boxed.  Once I find one I will post it and link it here.
If using techniques 1 or 2 then bake the brownies (see below). 

Step 2: "Assemble" Smore Brownies-
Here is where the techniques come in.  For the first 2 you need the brownies already baked, for the 3rd you need the batter:

Technique 1-
Once brownies are done baking remove from oven and immediately add 1 bag of marshmallows, 3/4 cup chocolate chips on top of brownies.
Take about 6-8 graham crackers and layer them on top of the marshmallows/chocolate chips so that they create a solid flat layer.
Place brownies back in oven and bake about 5 minutes at whatever temp the box called for.  This allows the marshmallows and chocolate chips to melt and become nice and gooey.
Can serve warm or cold
This is how I made them the very first time and I thought they were AMAZING, Hubby requested less of the toppings however.

Technique 2-
Break 3-4 graham crackers up into large pieces using your hands
Once brownies are done baking remove from oven.
Add 1 cup of marshmallows, 3/4 cup chocolate chips and the crushed graham crackers to the top
Place back in oven and bake another 5 minutes or so at whatever temp the box called for.  They are done when marshmallows appear all gooey and melty.
Can serve warm or cold.
With Hubby's request for less toppings I have started making them like this.

Technique 3-
I have yet to try this technique yet but plan to very soon.  I have been told it works and its like an upside down version of the 2 techniques above.
Prep brownie batter but DO NOT BAKE yet
In a 9x13 pan layer 6-8 graham crackers to cover the bottom.
On top of the graham crackers add 1 cup (or whole bag) of marshmallows and 3/4 cup chocolate chips.
Pour batter on top of everything and spread to cover.
Bake according to directions on the box.
As soon as I try this version I will come back and post how it turned out.  If you try it before (or after) me feel free to leave a comment on how yours worked out.  Or write a review for our Reviewers Challenge

These would be great for a backyard camp out or even an indoor one in the winter time.  Also great to take to potluck meals, they will be a big hit I assure you.  The pan will come back to you practically licked clean.
This is also a fun dish to let little ones be your helpers.  My 4 yr old son loves to help stir the batter and add all of the toppings

Have fun baking!


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